Psychics At Our Shows

Excellent trusted psychics attend the Psychic Expo Events. The profile below tells you a little bit about them and what psychic fairs you can see them at for a private session. Some psychics provide contact information for pre-booking at the psychic fair. Others are available for bookings when you arrive at the show.
World Stone Arts
Products being sold by World Stone Arts include precious stones, precious metal jewelry, and stone pendants.
The Oracle Of Delphi
Kalliope of The Oracle of Delphi is a 4th generation Psychic Reader and Medium. She will also be offering for sale spirit rocks, intention candles and spell kits.
Helena Joy
Helena Joy is a gifted psychic who at an early age recognized that her family's ability for premonition & prediction was passed on to her. throughout her life she has used these powers to work for the good of the universe & for the good of all.
Julien Meagher
Soul Tracker. Past Life Regression with storytelling hypnosis. No matter where you are along the emotional scale, ranging from powerlessness to joy, I can assist you in making your life story the most fun and exciting adventure possible A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Julien Meagher, Ph.D. is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Meagher conducts experiential workshops and seminars, as well as holding private hypnosis sessions from his office in Ingersoll, Ontario.
Robert Young
Uncommon Sense: Using the energy of a token object (psychometry) and ‘clear knowing’ (claircognizance) revealed by automatic writing, this Uncommon Sense will clarify aspects of you and your life. Robert will help you see yourself from a new and positive perspective. It’s all about you!
InSpirit Centre
Protection Salts & Sprays, Dream Catchers, Candles, Crystals Prayer Beads, Angels, Evil Eye Protection, Jewellery, Pendulums, Feng Shui & more. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help you and answer any questions you have. Stop by and visit our booth while at the store; we promise to have something there to delight you.
Charlotte Szivak
Offering psychic, spiritual readings and remote healing for you and your animals. Charlotte is an intuitive animal communicator, psychic spiritual healer, medical intuitive and reiki master. Check for tours to a sacred site and retreats. Readings include tea leaf, tarot, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, messages from your angels and spiritual healing.
Allison Boswell
Allison is naturally-born Psychic Medium, receiving visions, words, thoughts, and emotions directly from Spirit and those that have passed onto the Other Side. She tunes into your energy and then reaches out to Spirit for answers, about your future, career, love, family members, health, and your unique soul's journey. As a Reiki Master and certified Indian Head massage Allison she also offers mini healing sessions.
Glen "Fire"
Glen McDougall or Glen “Fire” has been working as an Indigenous helper and healer for over 30 years. He offers spiritual guidance, readings and healing to individuals from far and wide. Dedicated to his responsibility he carries his medicine with the utmost respect to the natural world. You will find him often working with the plant and animal kingdom to petition for healing and guidance. His sessions are rooted in Ancient Indigenous Medicine and are extremely enlightening and healing, bringing across messages and life’s wisdoms from spirit helpers.


TBA - Please check back
Angela Donnelly
Angela is a Spiritual Advisor that uses her channeling ability and the Tarot, to give people guidance on what issues they currently have in their life and what they need to know to become their truth. At times she will also ask her and the clients healing teams to perform energetic changes as well, to help facilitate these changes to happen with ease and grace.
Mandala Bookshop
Mandala Book Shop was established to fulfill a need within London and the community for resources related to non-mainstream pursuits.
Channelled Insights
Are you worried, disappointed, confused? Do you need guidance or direction? K.C. has provided insights and counselling to men and women of all ages. Her innate sensitivities and intuitiveness provide added dimension to her Channelled readings. The information K.C. receives may not always be what you want to hear, but rather what you need to know. K.C. is also a certified Reiki Master.
Karen Barclay
Karen is a professional international Psychic Medium who has helped hundreds of people worldwide connect to love ones that have crossed over. During a Psychic reading Karen will tap into your energy to find out what is going on in your life. You will be given suggestions in ways to change it also you will be offered encouragement to make the necessary changes.
Liese Martel
For the past 20 years Liese has been giving public readings to those people who are guided to her. Liese specializes in giving private, family, and group readings, Angel card readings, and her very popular Euro Tarot readings using the rare Madame Lenormand European Tarot cards. Liese Martel is an Angel Therapy PractitionerR and Medium certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Liese gives readings by using insights from Angels, Spirit, and relays Divine Guidance and loving messages for all areas of your life. Readings are offered year round, please call to book!
Innervision with Debbie
When Debbie works with Tarot, she invites you to draw the cards. You will draw those cards that have meaning for you. From relationships to business matters, Debbie will explain their meaning to you, both now and in the future. This enables you to understand what is happening in your life and your choices for the future.
Johanna has the intuitive ability to reveal the true problems underlying the not so obvious physical problems. Johanna is an expert in palm reading, 10 card Celtic spreads,numerology, and her natural abilities to tap into the worldwide database. There she retrieves information from higher sources to help you make reasonable choices in life. Avoid repeating the same old mistakes, boldly step into Johanna's booth and then step out with confidence to solve your problems in love, life, work and health.
Reverend Sheila Watson
Sheila Watson has a heart for people and has dedicated her life to being of spiritual service to others. Athough born with psychic and mediumistic gifts, she took the time to seek out the best training available. Her mediumship training is primarily in Lily Dale, New York and Stansted, England.
Auraphotogenic photography looks at your aura and energy. The relationship behind mind, body and spirit is reflected in your colours. What do your colours show?
Ask Jewelee
Searching for Peace? Ask Jewelee, Niagara’s most renowned psychic medium. With over 20 years reading experience Jewelee can answer your questions about the future, relationships, career, finances and more. For more info contact Jewelee at or stop by the retail store “Ask Jewelee” located at 4911 Victoria Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Niagara Falls
Baroque Lapidary
Baroque Lapidary brings you the highest quality Brazilian amethyst Quartz and Geodes directly from Brazil at the most affordable prices. Meet lapidary specialist Nicholas and experience the World's most gorgeous specimens you can afford!
Paul Pacific
Canada's Barefoot Prophet -Having seen his first aura at age 14, Paul has since been a compassionate and friendly spiritual reader with over 25 years experience. Paul will provide guidance and counsel in all areas of your life with his powerful and insightful readings which include psychometry, tarot cards and numerology.
Tony Uberoi
Tony Uberoi is an internationally renowned intuitive. He has helped thousands worldwide on their life journey. He is a dedicated professional with over 30 years experience. Tony's readings are insightful, in-depth and inspirational. Tony combines Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Cards and Clairvoyance.
416 829 5750
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis is known as the Famous Irish Psychic. He is an accomplished palmist and tarot card reader. When working in Ireland he became a household name as a psychic with masses of newspaper publicity.
Betty Jane
Betty Jane is a third generation seer and highly intuitive reader. She is a practicing Witch with over 30 years in the craft. An international psychic, Betty Jane has a number of well known personalities as her clients. Betty Jane is very much to the point, a natural reader, very intuitive with whom you immediately feel a connection with. Should you have a reading together, you will be calling back for future appointments. Betty Jane only reads for adults, over 18.
416 894 2602
Eddie Diijon
Tarot card and palm readings. Diijon has read for Madonna, Cher, Jack Layton and has appeared on the David Letterman show five consecutive times.
Readings by Beth
Gifted empath and intuitive with 30 years of experience. Beth receives messages through clairvoyance and mediumship. Beth’s messages will help to guide you on your path. Beth will not sugar coat the messages - but she will work to provide you with options about what you need to know.
Helen Peacock
Helen is a Certified Spiritual Medium who is gifted with a 3rd generation of Psychic and Mediumship from her Scottish and Irish Roots and who has the honor of bringing often changing messages from your loved ones in Spirit. She gives spiritually based psychic guidance, helping to empower you in finding your own healing by using your own intuitive gifts. The souls in the spirit world are afforded the unique opportunity to tell their friends and family that they have not disappeared and that love does not die, it's just different.
Aaron Moon
Aaron comes from a long line of psychics. Both grandmothers on each side of the family were psychics as well has his mother. As a life path advisor, his goal is to provide you guidance as to all the options that are available for you to walk through and successfully fulfill your goals in life.
David Belne
David Belne is a metaphysical healer, lecturer, author and filmmaker practicing “Sound Energy Dynamics”, the use of Tuning Forks and Hands –On Healing since 1987 with remarkable results. Addressing mind, spirit and body in a profound way helping to release emotional negativity and stress, promoting well-being in a natural way.
Maureen Collins
Born and educated in Surrey, England, the gift of awareness, a kind of sixth sense, an ability to see beyond the obvious, was singularly developed by the time Maureen was 16. She is a medium and clairvoyant psychic who has been a featured guest speaker at numerous psychic fairs and expos, and has appeared on many radio and TV shows.
The Moon Lady
With the spirit of a kind gypsy full of magic, Dorothy's goal is to reveal the meaning of the moon you were born under. She has developed Moon Readings and Moonology to give you the Full Moon Story. Discover your personal moon phase and what it reveals about you.
Beverly Frosch
Beverly Frosch-is a Psychic Medium with multiple gifts. She is quick to connect you to your loved one's in spirit, and if needed, help you get to the root of a problem that holds you back in life.
Mother Mavis
Mother May is a spiritualist medium who welcomes you to have a psychic reading with her on relationships, love or business. Meditation Classes Mondays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm. Call for more information about classes or to book a private psychic consultation, by appointment in person (Toronto office), at the shows below or by phone.
Store: 416-466-3315 Cell: 416-704-1678
1-800-679-6023 -- Phone Readings
Judy Abbott
Judy has been a professional psychic for many years and is a resident of London Ont. Judy is certified in parapsychology and astrology and is a natural health consultant. Business, relationships, health, mediumship, choices, lifetraps, career, connections to your guides, messages from angels, palm.
Insight by Carol
Carol has been a gifted Psychic from the age of 12 years old. Throughout the years Carol has honed her gift as a medium, along with her ability to look into your past, present and future. If you have anything weighing on your life and you need answers, Carol will provide the guidance you need to ease your mind and see your way clearly.