Psychics At Our Shows

Excellent trusted psychics attend the Psychic Expo Events. The profile below tells you a little bit about them and what psychic fairs you can see them at for a private session. Some psychics provide contact information for pre-booking at the psychic fair. Others are available for bookings when you arrive at the show.
Julien Meagher
Soul Tracker. Past Life Regression with storytelling hypnosis. No matter where you are along the emotional scale, ranging from powerlessness to joy, I can assist you in making your life story the most fun and exciting adventure possible A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, Julien Meagher, Ph.D. is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Meagher conducts experiential workshops and seminars, as well as holding private hypnosis sessions from his office in Ingersoll, Ontario.