Sales and Service Terms


Reports will be delivered to Canada Post within 7 business days of ordering. Shipping and handling is included for Canadian orders. US orders add $3.00 shipping. International orders add $7.00 shipping. Actual delivery times will vary according to Canada Post delivery schedules within Canada and international postal schedules outside of Canada.


Please note: We cannot process your order until full payment is received and confirmed.
Credit Card: Visa/MasterCard/American Express payments will be charged to your account under "Vision Quest Psychic Expos" upon receipt of your order. Do not send cash in the mail.
Cheques: Please make cheques payable to Vision Quest Psychic Expos Mail to Vision Quest Inc RR3 Burford, ON N0E 1A0 with a completed order form. There will be a $20.00 charge for any cheque returned by the bank.


Limitations and Usage
Due to the mature nature of the reports no persons born in 1998 or after 1998 may order the reports.
Do not order the reports unless you are born in 1997 or earlier.
Reports are created by a professional astrologer and are for entertainment purposes only.


Refunds and Returns
Vision Quest Psychic Expos will refund the value of all undelivered or damaged pre-paid astrology reports or products. If you make a mistake processing your payment, we will reverse the credit card charges immediately. Please examine your receipt carefully to ensure that you paid what you intended and notify us by phone (1-519-449-2444) IMMEDIATELY if there is a mistake. Damaged reports or products must be returned to obtain a refund and you are responsible for all shipping and handling charges incurred during the return of the item.
All refunds will be issued according to the original method of payment.


Customer Service Contact Information
Vision Quest Inc.
RR3 Burford, ON, N0E 1A0
Telephone 519-449-2444


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Please exercise caution when following advice from content on this website or in the astrology reports. Follow common safety rules and use common sense.


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